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Niels Duffhues is a filmmaker, composer/musician, author, artist. He shows his film as ciné/film concert, in exhibitions and publications. He lives and works in The Netherlands. 'I want to film the world around me and give it back to the viewer in a cinematic vision. I am interested in creation, the re-creation of culture, non-linear time and the oneiric aspects of cinema. I write poetry, short stories, monologues and dialogues, and from these writings I simultaneously develop film and music. The results are short art films which I exhibit, publish and show as cinéconcert. I film on full-hd video and super 8 film.'

Contact - info(at)nielsduffhues.com

De Strijd - series of short art films (40 min, 2018)
The light-forsaken plains in the cosmos of my thoughts (34 min, Video album/9 videos, 2017) - also as cassette with mp4 download
The man who came out of the storm - series of short art films (total 30 min, 2016) - music also on vinyl
We write But never meet - short film (34 min, 2015)
Oranjewijk - short film (20 min, 2014)
All roads lead to Nice - short road movie (12 min, 2013)
Braak/Belcrum Beach - 3 short films (15 min, 2012)
Super 8 films
NEW Series 2018
Nijmegen (20 min, 2012)
Vlissingen/Onderstroom (20 min, 2012)
CHV Veghel (20 min, 2012)
l'Avventuura (10 min, 2012)
Some short films and video's: Niels Duffhues on Vimeo

Match/B-Art/TAC/Electron - 2014
Kunstencluster Willem 2 - 2014/2015
Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch - 2015
Popmonument/ Synaptz Bergen op Zoom - 2017

Music Albums
Almost a dance - The Gathering (1993)
Tremolo - Enos (2000)
Piranesi's Rome - Duffhues (2001)
Jacky the stripper - Duffhues (2002)
Harem - Duffhues (2005)
Man on fire - Duffhues (2007)
Songs of mystery & other tales... - Duffhues (2009)
Among the ruins - Duffhues (2011)
There's a storm coming - Duffhues (2014)
The Man who came out of the storm - Fable Dust (2015)
The Flipside Paradox VOL. I - The Flipside Paradox (2015)
Deep - ZooN (2015)
Opium Tea - Fable Dust (2016)
The Flipside Paradox VOL. II - The Flipside Paradox (2016)

Experimental Theater
Arcadia: mensen deugen niet (2006)
Hades: schoonheid deugt niet (2007)
Metaformoses (2007)
Opium thee (2008)
Kalii Gula (2009)
De meester van Mondo Manga (2011)

Present bands
The Flipside Paradox

Former bands
The Gathering
Fire Shrine
Bitches of the south