Niels Duffhues' Fable Dust – poetic ciné/film concerts with a sense of timelessness
A ciné concert by Fable Dust feels like a special and intense cinema experience. It takes you to a slow moving world in black and white, that hypnotizes and evokes stillness and contemplation. Fable Dust is musician/filmmaker Niels Duffhues building bridges between film art and live music. He's a romantic stylist with a longing for vast landscapes, roadmovies and abstract storylines. This is all accompanied by his moody and minimalistic guitar music. Looks and sounds like Tarkovsky, Bela Tarr, Jarmusch and Lynch teaming up with Ry Cooder, Neil Young and Marc Ribot.

Press about Fable Dusts debut album 'The man who came in from the storm' (2015)
Gonzo Circus - 'Pure guitar music that invites stillness and contemplation.'
OOR magazine - ' It's beautiful, when he switches tunings, travels off to the east, starts a sample or a theme that could be by Ennio Morcione in a jazzy way.'
Rifraf - eight hypnotizing (guitar) soundscapes wherein field recordings, original effects and live-sampling are woven into each other. Sultry record.
Vital Weekly - The recording quality is very warm here (perhaps also due to the fact that this on vinyl, just as purists would love such a thing) and each of these pieces is a small film by itself. Excellent record, quite moody and textured, but also with shimmering lights.
Muziekwereld - The pieces are spheric soundscapes wherein the sound of a single guitartone evoces mysterious awe.

Previous Fable Dust performances:
12-11-17: Den Bosch (NL), November Music - filmconcert premiere new films
10-11-17: Tilburg (NL), Kunstmaan - Fable Dust/filmconcert
14-10-17: Helmond (NL), Bibliotheek/Nacht van cultuur - Fable Dust/filmconcert
15-09-17: Eindhoven (NL), Sociale Dienst - Fable Dust/filmconcert
09-09-17: Bergen op ZooM (NL), Popmonument - Fable Dust/filmconcert
27-08-17: Venray (NL), Schijt a/d grens festival - Fable Dust/filmconcert
26-08-17: Venray (NL), Schijt a/d grens festival - Fable Dust/filmconcert
10-09-17: Nijmegen (NL), Festival de Oversteek - Fable Dust/filmconcert
09-09-17: Bergen op Zoom (NL), Popmonument - Fable Dust/filmconcert
30-06-17: Helmond (NL), Cacaofabriek - Fable Dust/filmconcert
16-06-17: Vorden (NL), Manana Manana - Fable Dust/filmconcert
02-06-17: Heusden (NL), Jonosh - Fable Dust/filmconcert
15-04-17: Deventer (NL), LOS festival - Fable Dust
29-10-16: Breda (NL), Stek - Fable Dust
22-10-16: Leeuwarden (NL), Into the Void - Fable Dust
19-10-16: Tilburg (NL), Little Devil - Fable Dust
15-10-16: Nice (FR), La Zonmé/CCM - Fable Dust
14-10-16: Grasse (FR), CCM - Fable Dust
11-06-16: Eindhoven (NL), Psych Lab - Fable Dust
10-04-16: Eindhoven (NL), Artspace Flipside - Fable Dust
05-03-16: Nijmegen (NL), Merleyn - Fable Dust
17-10-15: Tilburg (NL), Paradox - Fable Dust
11-07-15: Nijmegen (NL), De Kaaij - Fable Dust
30-05-15: Den Bosch (NL), Artuarium - Fable Dust
04-04-15: Nice (FR), Easter In The Sun Festival - Fable Dust
28-03-15: Breda (NL), Stek - Fable Dust
08-03-15: Bergen op Zoom (NL), Gebouw T - Fable Dust
05-03-15: Tilburg (NL), Hall of fame - Fable Dust
04-03-15: Utrecht (NL), ACU - Fable Dust
21-02-15: Veghel (NL), CHV Noordkade - Fable Dust
17-01-15: Eindhoven (NL), Onomatopee - Fable Dust
08-01-15: Den Bosch (NL), W2 Poppodium - Fable Dust