Since 2001 DUFFHUES (NL) rejoices the world with his dark storylike songs, rusty-brown voice and raw performance. With a seasoned repertoire of murder ballads, kooky blues, mystery songs and contemplating folk, he's a storyteller like no other. DUFFHUES is a singer-songwriter with roots in the heavier genres. Don't expect only doom and gloom, through his songs seeps the necessary dark humor and absurdism. Let yourself be carried away to a unique universe.
As a singer-songwriter DUFFHUES released the following albums: Piranesi's Rome (2001), Jacky the Stripper (2002), Harem (2005), Man on Fire (2007), Songs of Mystery & Other Tales...(2009), Among the Ruins (2011), There's a Storm Coming (2014), The Village (2018), Murder Call (2022).

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