The Village (MC)

MC (audiocassette)

released September 1, 2018

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Limited edition cassette mini-album The Village. Colours: off-white, grey, silver, beige, peach.

1. The Juggler 03:27
2. Henry 02:51
3. Ignacio 02:24
4. The Judge 04:00
5. The trial 02:45
6. Elza 02:29
7. The village 03:17

On this ep/mini album ‘The Village’ he takes the listener to a small remote village, where a murder is committed, and where the curious inhabitants wait for the arrival of a notorious judge.
released September 1, 2018

artwork by Nikki Nijsten
songs and recordings by JC Duffhues
mastering Pieter Kloos – The Void Studio